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House Keeping Tips and Home Cleaning Techniques

House Keeping Tips

To some people, the word “Housekeeping” means cleaning and mopping of floors and surfaces, dusting, removing dirt, and arranging things etc. But in general, it means much more for safeguarding environment. Housekeeping plays very crucial to clean public places. The cleaning practices in factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants which has combustible dust and other hazardous materials is very crucial. Here are some of tips and techniques for effective housekeeping.

Follow these simple techniques to keep your place neat, clean, and enjoyable to live in!

Clean Properly:

Many people focus on the floors and hard surfaces, but skip the sofas and upholstery. So, create a cleaning plan.

  • Cleaning a room might be the top priority. So Firstly, dust tube lights, ceiling fans and bulbs.
  • Open windows while cleaning the room. Because, it provides ventilation to your room especially when you’re working with chemicals. Also, it’s good for the environment
  • Use mattress protectors to protect your beds. Those not only keeps mattresses clean, but also can extend the life of the mattress.

Clean Room-by-Room:

Poor cleaning results smudges on the refrigerator, handprints on the walls, cobwebs, dirty floors, windows and dirt on the carpet. So,

  • Use a strategy: Bathrooms and Kitchens could be done on one day.
  • Always keep used pans and dishes in the sink with hot water and detergent to soak and wash easily.
  • Always start cleaning high areas and spots first, and work your way down.

Deep Cleaning:

This work is the most thorough and may take a few days, so plan your home in sections.

  • Clean ceiling fan blades, exhaust fans, air conditioners, stove, cobwebs all around the house and in every corner.
  • Clean the floors and windows in the bathroom, and clean the entire shower stall.
  • Clean windows and window frames.
  • Clean carpets. 

Tips to clean deeply:

  • Make your own furniture polish by mixing one teaspoon lemon oil with two cups mineral oil.
  • Remove water rings on wood furniture by rubbing petroleum jelly thoroughly into the spot.

Kitchen cleaning:

Poor housekeeping in kitchen can frequently increases the risks of many kinds of health hazards. So, cleaning kitchen is very important. To keep kitchen clean, use sponge, scrubber for stuck-on food.

Tips to clean Kitchen and utensils:

  1. Firstly, scrape the food off the dishes into the trash and soak the dishes in the hot and soapy water before washing.
  2. Put away ingredients and kitchen supplies into refrigerator.
  3. Dispose of old leftovers from the refrigerator, and clean the refrigerator, and sweep behind it.
  4. Clear and clean the stove top, and wipe down the front of the stove.
  5. Pick up all dust and garbage that belong in other rooms and place them in a box.

Bathroom cleaning:

Unclean bathroom cause various illness. The following are some of the techniques to clean bathrooms.

  1. Wipe down the mirror using glass cleaner or vinegar with water.
  2. Scrub the tub ring and clean the shower stall.
  3. Wash the floor with cleaning agent solution and use naphthalene balls to keep washroom/bathroom fresh.
  4. Sweep and mop the washroom floors.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

  • Wipe bathroom fixtures with rubbing alcohol.
  • To keep mirrors clean, use some cleaning liquids like Colin to make shiny glass.
  • Scrub out the toilet with toilet cleaner and a brush. To keep bathroom clean, Pour a cup of white vinegar into the toilet, then swish with the toilet brush.

So start making your cleaning plan and get into a routine. By following these techniques, you’ll be done with effective housekeeping. Also if you need more information on Housekeeping, then have a look on our previous post “Housekeeping Services”.