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New Security Guard Technologies And Tips

New Security Guard Technology Tips

Every day there is new technology that is being invented to improve needs and desires of a mankind. There are various security challenges that homes and businesses face on a daily basis, and new security technology can help to assist in their protection.

Improving security, will increase efficiency and the effectiveness of the property.

As we discussed in our previous blog, Security Guarding Tips and Techniques, there are many new techniques in security technology that help to provide a better security guard service. If you missed our previous article, you can find them in our page. In this article, I’m going to discuss about latest Security Technologies and tips.

Technology has enhanced the role of modern Security guard:

  • Increased Professionalism: Today, Security guards receive the same type of training given to the military and police. Hiring a unarmed Security guard cannot be professional. So, having armed security can bring up the liability issues if something happened.
  • Additional training for Counter Terrorism: Security guards undergo special training in many difficult situation. This includes emergency training in dealing with bomb threats, suicide attackers or property loss. Another technology becoming more popular is the tactical CCTV jacket. These jackets can be worn over security guards and provides a control room with live video and footage as the security guards wearing the device traverses a perimeter or the building.
  • Specialized training in Patrolling: Security Guards need to provide home or business with the highest-quality service possible. Random Patrolling with Mobile Security technique helps to track real-time activity, reporting times, GPS geolocation of a security guard.

I know this technology will not only help our security guards to become more efficient but also give our clients a better peace of mind that their property is protected as best as possible.

Also, make it clear you are only providing security services for your clients and their employees and are not responsible for their customers or anyone else who comes onto the client’s premises. Are you in need of a professional security force to handle your security needs? Contact us and speak to a representative today.