Fire fighting security Tips

Fire fighting security Services Tips

Fire fighting security Services Tips

We provide excellence quality fire fighting services that are veteran and authentic. Our fighting services offering a extensive solution that fits all our clients as per their requirement.

Our team provide entire fire security services no matter how big or small your business. We have expert fire fighting team, using advanced technology.

Our fire fighting advanced equipment

  • Drip torch
  • Fire shelter
  • Fire extinguishes
  • Wild land hand tools
  • Structural hand tools
  • Weather instruments
  • Compasses
  • Fuel can / vehicle tools
  • Knives
  • Reforestation tools

Our fire fighting services include

  • Provision of trained fire guards
  • Training of company staff in fire prevention and firefighting
  • Installation and maintenance of hydrant systems and fire fighting equipment
  • Conduct and practice evacuation drills
  • Fire audit and survey first action in case of emergency
  • Blocking of danger areas

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