Hotel security Responsibilities and Duties

hotel security

Hospitality security is an exhaustive different security from another security service. As a hotel, the security and amenities are the first preference. JSF India security service Pvt. Ltd. provides hotel security service in Hyderabad India. We have gained a speed insight into the unrepeatable requirement of the hospitality sector. For hospitality sector, security guards receive ambient training to keep guest, employees and property secure.

A security guard is conferred to defend, even if it is people, place, property or assets. A security guards obligation is an excessively important, that is why the security services industries are one of the most popular among today.


Security guards job responsibility change depending on place or positions like hotel industries need different type of security guards, who will handle guests and keep hotel property

Completes security checklist

  • Walks through entire property inside the building and around the outside to assure security, including locking outside doors.
  • Help guests as requested, together with luggage, room keys, directions, and safety walks to the guest room.
  • Enforces a quiet environment for sleeping guests.
  • Addresses guest complaints by investigations and giving warnings up to and including eviction of guests.
  • Closes pool and straightens and picks up pool area after closing.
  • Checks kitchen, banquet and meeting rooms to make sure doors and cabinets are locked.
  • Delivers items to guestrooms for the front desk, pillows, blankets, cribs, etc.
  • Picks up room service trays and breakfast door knockers, deliver express checkouts and morning newspapers as needed.
  • Provides transportation as needed in property vehicle and checks vehicles to ensure they are clean and fuel tank full.
  • Provides break to night auditor and assists with answering phones.

Security program for hospitality sector

  • Meeting and greeting
  • Access control
  • Flow control
  • Sensible areas monitoring
  • Guests check in and checkout
  • Baggage  custody loss prevention
  • Warehouse control, parking area, floor patrols
  • Valet parking
  • VIP Guest Protocol
  • Monitoring and assistance to visitors and guest
  • Valence reports
  • Roomservice
  • Command centre monitoring
  • Emergency management
  • Incident report and analysis
  • Special security for events/conference

JSF India, conduct security survey, a full security survey of the hospitality sector in the case to determine its security debility. This feedback can manage all areas of your hotel business including staff, existing security system and electronic security.

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