Qualities of a Good Security Guard?

Qualities of a Good Security Guard?       

We have learnt How Security guard protects our business?, Qualifications to become a security guard. Now, we are going to learn the qualities of a good security guard.

Security guard is a very important job to do. Being a security guard requires unique skills, whether he is working in shopping mall or office building, he has responsibility to protect client. All Security companies hire security guards who are highly skilled and professional. Here are some of the qualities of a good security guard. Let’s have a look.

Honesty and Punctuality: A security guard must be honest and always on time. Unprofessional security guards might put company at risk. That is the reason; some security companies go through background checks on their security guards to make sure that they do not have any criminal history.

Alertness: A security guard should be always alert and must have knowledge on warning signs of danger. A professional security guard can de-escalate any emergency situation.

Strong Presence: No proper security gives rise to theft, robbery, accidental damage, fire hazards. A security guard should look well and is flexible enough to patrol, supervise and work in the environment.

Good Communication skills: A security guard must know how to communicate with others, because, he always interact with people. So, good communication is important. Also a professional security guard should have knowledge on writing reports.

Understanding the client’s needs: A security guard has to perform multi tasks in serving clients. A qualified security guard will monitor, patrol and will keep an eye on unauthorized persons. He utilizes security equipments in emergency situation and keeps people safe and secure.

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