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What Do Hotel Security Guards Do?

What Do Hotel Security Guards Do?

Hotel Security Duties and Responsibilities:

Continuous Surveillance:
Generally, in hotels, customers expect superior service in a secure environment. Security is the essential investment for the success of a hotel. Although most hotels have CCTV Cameras to monitor their business, there is still a need for security guards to provide safety for the guests at all times.

Escorting Guests:

Hotel security guards are responsible for escorting guests and hotel staff to and from the hotel. In the parking area, they perform vehicle checks to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Patrolling and Reporting:

            Security guards will patrol all the accessible areas to prevent offenses and protect people. They also responsible for reporting all suspicious activity to their supervisors or hotel management in the emergency situation.

If you are planning to take up a security guard job, keep in mind that you will be required to perform these duties. Also, read our previous article Qualities of a good security guard, to perform better service.

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What does a bodyguard do?

What does a bodyguard do?

What does a bodyguard do?

What does a bodyguard do?

            A bodyguard is a person who protects people and property from all kind of dangers like theft and fire accidents etc. Professional Bodyguards are trained to protect people and property from emergency situation where there is a threat of harassment or attack. Celebrities and politicians require professional and reliable bodyguards to stay safe from fans, even terrorists etc.

What a Bodyguard does for you?

  • Make guests feel and secure socially.
  • Monitoring the entire surroundings regularly.
  • Planning daily activities and security measures for the clients.
  • Escorting clients by providing close protection to celebrities.
  • Inspecting vehicles at events.
  • Reporting any suspicious activity.
  • Taking defensive armed or unarmed actions.
  • Monitoring and pre-checking all the premises.
  • Assets protection.
  • Observing possible risks at public events.

Judicial Security force & Services Pvt. Ltd., have highly professional Bodyguards who have knowledge in first aid to save people from danger. Also we provide bodyguard services at reasonable price to make it easy and cost-effective.

Our bodyguards are well trained and discipline to handle all kinds of crowds. We undertake challenges to make reputation among the various organizations. The equipment’s carried out by our security guards are licensed and verified that makes you free from all risks.

Bodyguards of JSF Pvt. Ltd., know how to handle, operate and manage arms. We analyze and address all the requirements of organizing a safe and successful event.

We ensure that you are protected all times from the troubles by:

  • Handling issues in a professional manner.
  • Controlling noise.
  • Decent behavior of bodyguards in events.

Please feel free to Contact Us anytime in case you need bodyguards for any events.

Security Guards Tips And Techniques

Security Guard Tips

Security is very important today. Usually, we are surrounded by a lot of risks. Security guards play an important role in providing security. We all know the duties and the responsibilities of a security guard.

Security Guard Tips

In this post, you will learn some tips and techniques to improve your security guard service.

  1. Supervision for security guards:

Supervising security guards is one of the most important components of ensuring good service. If there is no supervision for your security guards, then guards will be inadequately trained and unmotivated. So, before signing a contract with a security guard company, carry out guard supervision. Supervision may be provided in several forms including:

  • Random spot checks using field officers
  • Security Guard check-Ins
  • Guard tour tracking systems
  1. Arm guards with the security equipment:

To improve the security guard service, provide necessary training to the security guards with security equipment. The Security Training, should be assessed for things such as:

  • How to handle dangerous situation?
  • When to wear a body armor?
  • How to behavior in the event crowds?

Security training will make you trust your clients by providing:

  • Law and regulations
  • Physical training
  • Professional knowledge on fire fighting, fire safety and use of security gadgets etc
  • Self-defense training
  • Practical training on patrolling procedures
  • Traffic management
  • First aid methods and emergency procedures training
  • Communicating and record keeping
  1. Verifying Security Guards Qualifications:

Verify that the security guards of your company are professional and well trained.  Additionally, you should conduct an interview for security guards before placing them in the client location. This initial interview is a good way of finding out what you can expect from the security guards.

  1. Perform regular Inspections to improve security services:

Performing regular inspections can know the duties of the security guards to ensure they understand their jobs.

  1. Meet regularly with your Field Officers:

The easiest way to improve your security is to meet regularly with your field officer. These meetings can be formal or informal and even be conducted by phone.  The purpose of these meeting should be to provide the feedback about guard performance.

Even a trained Security guard may sometimes face difficult situation, So, In this post, We are providing some of the tips for Security guards to perform in the dangerous situation.

  • Plan Properly: If you face a tough challenge, as a security guard you need to know how to handle situation. So, plan ahead: get to know your environment, avoid faulty equipment.
  • Introduce “Mobile Security Guard” scheme: Smartphone is a trend. Use some Mobile security applications, to communicate and manage the staff by the means of mobile technology.
  • Make sure that security equipment are working: Get knowledge on the importance of using safe, reliable equipment. Make sure all the items you need to support you are present: CCTV cameras, fire alarms, working phones etc.


There are probably more security guard tips, but I would like to hear some of yours.  So, tell us what tips are you giving to the security guards to improve security service?  Please feel free to leave your security guard tips below.