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Bouncers are mainly entrusted with the responsibility of managing crowds, to have checks and balances at events, clubs / pubs etc. so that nothing untoward happens. The reputation of clients, event organizers, venue and sponsors is always on stake and we specifically understand these needs. Our team of bouncers is not only physically strong but also trained to manage the intricacies of different types of events and functions. They exhibit a lot of patience, grit, discipline, communication abilities and confidence while managing crowds and various gatherings.

Safety of the crowd is always a priority and our teams are trained on the respective laws and procedures on avoid any confrontations, physical fights / brawls. They are also adept in managing the entry and exits for the venues / events therefore focusing on filtering the entry of people and identifying any rogue elements who could cause some disciplinary unrest during the event. In such cases they closely supervise such cases and act in time to avoid any mishaps.

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