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Tips on Corporate Security

Create a culture of good practice at work

  1. Make sure that all company data and customer information is accurately security controlled.
  2. Shred documents containing personal or financial information before discarding.
  3. Take steps to stop infiltration from ‘employees’ involved with criminals.
  4. Keep tabs on the registered details of your company and directors.
  5. Regularly check and review systems and process with your ‘security hat’ on.
  6. Control access to sensitive areas of the office.
  7. Monitor what sensitive material is taken out of the office by staff.
  8. Ignore suspicious emails, consider deleting them unread – and be very wary of clicking on any links.
  9. Instruct to staff about password confidentiality and reinforce this frequently.
  10. Check that all requests for information from your organisation are genuine – and ignore any requests for bank account details and passwords, whether by phone or email.

Everyone in your business wants to remember that skilful fraudsters will resort to all manner of subtlety and guile to trap the people into disclosing important information.

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