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Gardening Services

Visibility plays a key role in creating a persona of a corporate office / residential block. Today, it has become imperative for organizations and communities to not only have green in their offices for just enhancing the looks of the office / residence but also to create a lively and naturally engaging energy for the employees & family to work and live happily.

Today these services have gone beyond just tweaking the flora and fauna of the premise to;

Amplify the presence of the natural elements viz., land forms, terrain shape and elevation, or bodies of water and accentuate the abstract elements such as the weather and lighting conditions

JSF brings its expertise to the forefront of these services. It is extremely important to understand the land before any renovation takes place as landscaping varies across geographies and our expert consultants not only take the local expert opinion, if the work is being done at a new site for the first time, but also thoroughly examine and understand the features of land such as terrain, topography, soil qualities, native flora and fauna etc. Also, we deeply understand about all the tools that are used to achieve the desired landscaping of the premise.

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