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Corporate Security Plan Tips

‘A corporate security plan provides a template that you can share with all of your managers or service providers

Do you have a corporate security plan in place? This all-encompassing document provides a template that delivers security guidance to each of your buildings. It covers everything from pre-employment screening and visitor management to access control and security lighting.

“It doesn’t matter what type of market or building you’re in, you want to have a security blueprint to follow,” recommends Jeff Floreno, security practical leader for Wren Solutions, a security solutions company.

If you don’t have a plan or it’s time to update yours, follow these tips:

Another benefit of a corporate plan is that it provides risk mitigation. “If you don’t have a formalized plan, you have nothing to protect yourself with, let alone the people who work in and visit the building,” Coleman warns.

If you’ve neglected to include a firearms policy, for example, you could be liable if a shooter injures someone. You need documentation in place to prove you’ve taken appropriate action. Without it, you are open to a host of unpleasant results if an emergency occurs.

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